ok retard

lee's fucking site

song: weirddough - flowerz

welcome to my cluster fuck of an ugly website

yo what's good, loser? websites are sick™ and epic™ and having one is important, so this is mine. i'm a retarded 16 year old cucklord with rapidly changing opinions and personalities. i fuck with computers sometimes and do the gaming. i play games like tf2, minecraft, quake, gmod, shit like that. i'm the nigga with the fucking baron steam profile; if you see me, don't talk to me, faggot.

wanna talk to me?

i literally don't care. but i'm usually on steam, if you really want to talk to me. if i don't accept you, tough fucking tits. you can also email me at rae@tfwno.gf. i also post cringe shit on jewtube. i'm also sometimes on xmpp at rae@404.city, but i don't fuck with xmpp that much. i have a discord server, but fuck discord.

pgp 66A6 D4B6 42E6 02A2 EB43 0090 5EC5 4D60 53D8 8832

stupid shit that probably only i care about

cool and epic pictures

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